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Welcome to our website!

Rixel Logo


Rixel is an NFT and digital art studio. We are physical and digital mixed-media artists who love to create visually stunning and innovative artwork with a fusion of human creativity and ai technologies to produce cutting-edge and contemporary art.

Brush Stroke
Munzer Twitter

Munzer is behind Rixel ART studio. He works as an Art Director and digital mixed-media artist. (RGD) Registered Graphic Designer in Canada and NATURE lover. His passion is to create visual art that combines human creativity with AI technologies. With over 20 years of experience in the Graphic Design industry, Munzer has honed his skills and talent while working with both international and local agencies in the Middle East and Canada. As someone who enjoys integrating new technologies into his work, NFT art has become his new home and source of inspiration.

Oryxartwork Twitter

Oryx Artwork: She is a Fine-Art Artist who can see sounds. She creates her own world mix between traditional art and digital art.

Digital Brush Stroke
Surreal Hair Art on foundation


NFTs logo

Our collections of NFTs on Foundation are unique and special pieces of art.

Visit us on Foundation.

Rarible NFT
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Rixel print studio banner
Watercolor splash background

Print Studio

Explore our periodically updated art collection, now available on Redbubble.

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